Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Travelled back from my summer holiday in Cyprus on Thursday night. The weather was lovely and I had a great time.I had to train out there as I have the UK School Games once again at the start of September. I did some lengths every morning in the nice hotel pool.I also had the chance to use a 50m swimming pool in Coral Bay. It was brilliant and I had the whole pool to myself for most of the time. I felt really good in the water but the heat was really draining. The humidity was around 95%.

I have nearly two weeks training back at Ipswich before my big competition and I can't wait.I also enjoyed Cyprus outside of the pool as I went paragliding and scuba diving. The scuba diving was the best thing that I have ever done.I have learnt and performed basic and challenging skills whilst I was scuba diving. I saw some amazing creatures and I would love to do it again. Please see photos.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I competed in Sheffield at The British Longcourse Championships from last Wednesday to Sunday. I was really excited as Ponds Forge Sheffield is my favourite place to swim. Unfortuantly i failed to swim under the magic minute mark again in my 100m Freestyle, but hit a personal best in the 100m Breastroke. I was just outside my personal best's during the week and on Sunday, i was four seconds out on my 400m Freestyle but made the final. I was pleased about this and went four seconds quicker, but was still half a second out. It was not the best week but i will now get back into training and build myself up for the UK School Games.